About us

In these days the changes of the world lead us back to the roots of our conflicts. The theatre of cruelty, as A. Artaud described it, takes place in life everyday.

We are in arts to create images. We put the image on an analytic, scientific ground, to express the roots and also the leaves of our conflicts – for we think, that the conflicts are made by Man.

But Man saturates the three of conflicts and of suffering with water sourcing in a deeper ground than consciousness is, in surrealistic depths, in the knowledge of chaos. This territory we want to explore; our images should touch the ultimate ground.

Art director-choreographer, Kristóf Szabó, works with freelancer artists of many different disciplines to put images on stage talking, dancing, performing.

Grown up in a post-modern cultural environment, Kristóf heads for an intermedial performing practice without any borders between the arts.

We want to be involved when our new world is about to arise. The conflicts of the XXI. century are very different from the conflicts in earlier days. Today we play endgames every second.

Death is everywhere.

PRESS: “Perhaps death is the last biological phenomenon which is still unmanageable. Director Kristóf Szabó and the F.A.C.E. ensemble dedicate themselves to this subject consequently and with brute force.” (Published in Kölner Wochenspiegel, written by ha about the piece K. Szabó: BRAINS.AVATAR, first staging october 2018.)

In these days of fear we want to fight for human rights on a very basic level. For the right to bread, the right to eat/drink, the right to fuck, the right to think, the right to speak.

PRESS: …TESZT Festival presented a very important show for human rights, diversity, understanding… (Written by (Dieter Topp for Forum Europa about the piece K. Szabó: COMING OUT, first staging 2017.)

PRESS: …With his 10 performers Szabó develops a passionate appeal for Humanity. (…) And an alarm signal for fragile democracies. (Published in Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, written by BS about W. Hasenclever: ANTIGONE, directed by K. Szabó, first staging 2016.)

KRISTÓF SZABÓ: Why do we transform the suffering of man into beauty, instead of into a revolt?

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“Es gibt genug Licht für die, die zu sehen verlangen, und genug Dunkelheit für die, welche eine gegenteilige Neigung haben.”

Blaise Pascal