Ivó Kovács CV

Ivó Kovács (Budapest/Hungary)


Ivó Kovács is a visual artist, degreed as a traditional painter at the
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, but over the last ten years he is
dealing with 3D animations and visual effects. Producing computer
generated images and animations mainly for video-mapping, and 3D
video-projections. Throughout the years he has been working with
contemporary theatre and dance companies as well, both in independent
and commercial projects in Hungary and across Europe.
From time to time he plays in live videos as a Vj.
As an artist, he is interested in spatializing the space with video
through the new genre called video- or projection-mapping techniques.
He is a lecturer of projection-mapping at the Budapest Metropolitan
University of Applied Sciences, at Media Design department.
He was born in 1979 and live and work in Budapest, Hungary.